Thursday, April 14, 2011

Illuminati Symbols and Freemasons Occult Symbols

Hi guys , Firstly welcome to my blog and I wish you have great time here. This blog is more about

Illuminati symbols


freemasons symbols

so we will try to find what is the meaning of their symbols and which symbols are used by them.
This is is our very first step on the long road to discover the illuminati symbols and the meaning of those symbols. You have to know that symbols are everything and everywhere around you.The occult leaders who have governed and lead kingdoms and empires have had and shared those powers behind some symbols, which symbolized their power and acts threw their occult symbols.
Symbols were the same as we use our alphabet to communicate with each other in nowadays but before in ancient times people used symbols to communicate with each other.
We will try to find the meanings and reveal those symbols and images from great wisdom which made very interesting this brotherhoods. in fact  It will be impossible to find and expose all the purposes of these occults without knowing the basic things about them and without knowing what their symbols mean.
So we will start  with symbols and images : The image on my post is very familiar as we have sawn in a lot of movies , in the dollar bill and in the pyramids in egypt so we all know this symbol and this symbol is one of the Illuminati symbols or

Freemasons symbol

This symbols means that someone is watching us and everything is under their controll , money , our mind and everything.
We have to know that every symbol on these occults have more than one meaning.  If we look at the dollar bill or at the

pyramid symbol

with an eye on it we can get a lot of important points pointing to illuminati.

Pyramid Symbol Meaning :
1.Pyramid has 13 levels which is related to the earth and means that it is unfinished
2.An eye on a singular pyramid above the pyramid means that they want to controll you.
3.The light floating from the pyramid where the eye is.

So basically in this picture there are more than 3 points and every

illuminaty symbols

has more than 1 meaning.

This blog is all about to give you detail infos about this symbols and in the other posts I’ll be posting other symbols and explain what they mean. So you will know more about manipulating your mind with this symbols that you might have seen in movies , products , big company logos etc.

It is said that everything that is on tv is manipulated by


but we are not sure about this so we will go and check in details for more info in other posts and we will see if it is truth or not. We will cover also some symbols that some singers , rapers , and famous persons use and we will explain them.